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Spitsink @ LJ.com

Welcome to spitsink. A place to find all types of graphics and tutorials. Mainly focusing around Icons and Layouts. This community is only friends-only due to the fact that we don't want our graphics stolen, but feel free to join, it has got moderated membership, but chances are that you will be added on the day you joined.

1.You MUST Credit!
2.Please do not change a layout or graphic unless the maker has stated otherwise.
3.Please try to comment if you're taking a graphic.
4.If you don't like the makers graphic, don't comment, unless it is constructive criticism. Don't leave comments such as "Your graphics suck, go die" try to be intelligent about it. If you lack intelligence, don't say anything at all.
5.Do not take a graphic and say that you've made it, people work very hard on their graphics here, and its insulting just to join and take graphics which you Didn't make. If we notice that you have stolen graphics, you will be banned.
6.Upload all graphics to your OWN server.
7.Do not use ANY of the graphics you find here, on other websites Unless said otherwise. The only thing that you guys will probally be able to use on another site would be myspace layouts.
8.We don't take layout requests. All layouts are premade, and requests will only be open when we say so.


Here is a list of where we get our resources!

Livejournal Users & Communites
weapon_icons - For Textures/Tutorials/Fonts
dearest - For Textures/Light sources.
100x100_brushes - Brushes/Textures.
scrapbookart - Brushes/Textures.
ticklemebillie - Photos.
microcake - Brushes.
ewanism - Borders/Brushes/Textures.

www.Dragonninja.com - For Lostprophets Photos.
www.Greendayauthority.com - For Green Day Photos.
Andres from Green Day Authority for AAR, MCR and AFI photos.

Makers & Affiliates.


We don't take makers.



Want to become an affiliate? Click Here!

MODs and Maintainers:

jesusatejamie Head MOD, Creator of community.
likepyromaniacs Co-Mod, and maker.

Credit Banners & Links.

Credit Banners!

Please use these when you're taking a layout! You can also use these to promote spitsink If you would like too.
And if you'd like to be extra helpful, upload them to your own server! We don't mind if you don't, its just a helpful little suggestion.

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